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Teleste reaches industry-first commercial deliveries of 1.8 GHz smart amplifiers in North America

Teleste has reached an industry-first customer approvals and field deployments of DOCSIS 4.0 compliant 1.8 GHz ICON amplifiers in the North American market. The volume manufacturing of these smart amplifiers utilizes Teleste’s own automated factory, with capacity ramp-up corresponding with volume demands from multiple customers. Teleste has received orders from four North American Cable operators, which can now start their network upgrades. These 1.8 GHz Smart Amplifiers will bring major benefits to Cable operators’ broadband services, including maximum line speeds as well as service quality and network availability.

“The cable industry’s promise to deliver 10 Gbps speeds is starting to materialize” expresses Hanno Narjus, head of Teleste’s Broadband Networks business unit. “When Cable MSO’s and technology providers agreed years ago on the common vision of 10G services to the consumers, we knew there would be a lot of heavy lifting to be done to fulfill this promise. We at Teleste feel pride when we can now announce the industry's first customer approvals and commercial deliveries, and I’d like to thank our customers, partners and Teleste team for making this milestone possible.”

Pasi Järvenpää, head of Teleste R&D, explains that Teleste is well prepared to ramp up significant mass production of these products.

“Teleste’s well-developed automated production process ensures 100% compliancy with specifications in high-volume production. 1.8 GHz amplifiers are third generation smart devices in Teleste’s product offering. The production environment is an integral extension of the intelligent amplifier and has been continuously improved over three product generations, resulting in highly automated and hence scalable manufacturing machine with less dependency on human labor. High level of automation enables consistent quality control and workmanship, eliminating human errors and providing a superior product. The unique feature of our production process is leveraging built-in intelligence of the product, allowing automated tuning and testing in the final assembly”.

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