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Tenchijin was selected in the “Global Sustainability Accelerator” sponsored by Google for Startups

JAXA-accredited space venture Tenchijin has been selected in the “Global Sustainability Accelerator'', powered by Creww | Google for Startups: a program designed to help startups accelerate and scale their sustainable solutions. Tenchijin will have access to mentorship from Google’s network experts and opportunities to access customers, resources and funding.

What is the Global Sustainability Accelerator powered by Creww and Google for Startups?

This program aims to support startups that drive innovations with technologies and ideas to realize a sustainable and prosperous world. This first round focuses on Japanese startups with services and products aiming to solve global issues related to energy, water, and food.

Background of Tenchijin’s application

Global Sustainability Accelerator program and Tenchijin share a strong vision and mission.

Tenchijin’s mission is to “optimize human civilization activities using information from space”. We aim to solve global social issues, achieve a sustainable world by harnessing space Big Data.

Google’s advance knowledge and networking opportunities

Tenchijin is also expanding business globally. Currently, Tenchijin operates in 6 countries. We hope this program would help us accelerate and scale our Earth-friendly solutions globally.

Entry details

Tenchijin was selected among 10 Japanese start-ups. We applied to the program with Tenchijin COMPASS software and the traction gained from two projects: water leakage risk mitigation and renewable energy power plants spots localization.

Water Pipe leakage risk management

The aging water pipelines and delayed maintenance lead to a sharp increase in large-scale water leakage accidents world-wide. It has become a social issue as it jeopardizes water supply for a growing population. We are working to develop a 100 meter spatial resolution leakage risk management operation system that combines Big Data. Our unique AI technology evaluates and visualizes the leakage risk in water pipes. This enables a 60% and 80% reduction in survey costs and time, respectively.

Optimal location for renewal energy plants

Firms are developing renewable energy to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change and supply energy to a growing population. However, the selection of optimal sites is time-consuming as various data sets need to be used simultaneously. The current models are sometimes obsolete, biased, incomplete. Tenchijin COMPASS aggregates Big Data to pinpoint the most suitable area for a renewable energy plant. Thanks to remote sourcing, less onsite surveys are required, which helps developers improve operational efficiency. This reduces risks, generates accurate proposals and accelerates deployment.


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