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Terran Orbital receives payment from Rivada Space Networks

Terran Orbital Corporation announced that it had received a payment from Rivada Space Networks (“Rivada”) pursuant to the Company's previously announced contract with Rivada (the “Rivada Contract”).  The amount was for the completion of a program milestone.  As a result, Rivada is current on all outstanding invoices. The Company expects to receive additional milestone payments in 2024 and continues to expect to meet its delivery obligations under the Rivada Contract on schedule in 2025 and 2026.

As a privately held company, Rivada is not required to report any information regarding its financial or operational performance. Consequently, at Rivada’s request, the Company does not plan to provide any further updates or otherwise publicly comment on the Rivada Contract, including but not limited to the status, timing and amount of any future payments to be made under such contract, except as required by the Securities and Exchange Commission or in updates in connection with the Company’s quarterly and annual financial reporting.

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