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Terran Orbital releases enhanced versions of Enterprise Bus

Terran Orbital releases enhanced versions of Enterprise Bus
(Image Credit: Terran Orbital Corporation)

Terran Orbital Corporation announced two additional configurations of its largest platform offered in the standard product line the Company initially announced in September: Enterprise. The Enterprise-class bus is the point of departure for flat packing requirements carrying up to 24 satellites per launch. It is optimal for large constellations and comes in three standard, yet configurable, configurations: A, B, and C.Each configuration comes standard with Optical Inter-Satellite Link (OISL) functionality and has a large, flat deck optimized for communication and RF payloads. A new power storage system has been designed to reduce weight and increase the power available to the payload.Configuration A is the standard model; configuration B provides additional upgraded power and payload mass representing our most-capable LEO platform to date; and configuration C swaps payload mass for additional redundancy and provides power upgrades ready for MEO and GEO applications.

Our full product line of seven bus classes spans the nano, micro, mini, and small classes, and ranges from the largest model, Enterprise, to the smallest model, Triumph. The full line consists of the Enterprise, Ambassador, Nebula, Excelsior, Voyager, Renegade, and Triumph buses.These reference platforms feature flexible architecture using common building blocks, allowing for wet launch masses of 14 to 1000 kg, and are derived from designs with extensive flight heritage for various civil, defense, and commercial customers.

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