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Tesat selected for additional SDA tracking layer OISL

Today, TESAT is pleased to announce we have been selected to supply additional OISL’s (optical inter-satellite links), the ConLCTs (constellation laser communication terminals), as part of the tracking layer tranche 0 pro-gram by the US-American Space Development Agency (SDA). This program is directly related with the recently announced transport layer tranche 0 program by SDA, for which TESAT also supplies an essential part of the required ConLCTs.

This effort relies on the experience and heritage of TESAT, specifically our proven sustainability and quality of optical communication payloads for more than ten years and in, by now, more than 51,000 successfully executed optical inter-satellite links.

The tracking and transport layer are part of the same SDA program. The tracking layer hereby is responsible for collecting the Earth observation data while the transport layer is going to send these down to Earth. Therefore, the interoperability of the different systems is crucial for the success of the mission.