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TESAT successfully completes optical communication terminal interoperability tests

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

TESAT successfully completes optical communication terminal interoperability tests

TESAT’s Optical Communication Terminals successfully passed interoperability testing for the Space Development Agency’s (SDA) Tranche 1 Transport Layer satellites to be built by Lockheed Martin.

TESAT was selected to deliver optical communications terminals (OCT) to Lockheed Martin for integration on the company’s 42 SDA Tranche 1 Transport Layer satellites. TESAT’s OCTs will also be applied for commercial constellations, like e.g. Keplers ÆTHER™ LEO constellation network.

As part of the ground test, the OCTs successfully established a consistent data com munication link first with a reference modem and second with a laser terminal made by another supplier. This achievement demonstrates that TESAT terminals comply with the technical specifications and standards issued by SDA and are interoperable with third-party products.

“The successful completion of this important test showcases that our OCTs meet the SDA standards and marks a big step for laser communication technology as interop erability is key”, said Thomas Reinartz, CEO of TESAT.

The OCT is part of TESAT’s laser communication portfolio and specifically designed to operate in LEO broadband constellations. It is compliant to the SDA standard v3. As of today, 46 OCTs are already in orbit, 12 more terminals were delivered to customers and 180 terminals are currently in production. In view of future growth in the field of laser communication, TESAT has a new manufacturing building under final construction in Merritt Island, Florida, providing 2,200m² of additional cleanroom capacity.

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