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Thales Alenia Space providing key technologies to sustain life inside Orion capsule

Orion ESM4 ⒸThales Alenia Space
Orion ESM4 ⒸThales Alenia Space

Thales Alenia Space has successfully completed the activities related to the final integration of the critical systems of Orion’s European Service Module 4. The module is now on its way to Airbus Defence and Space’s clean rooms in Bremen, Germany. There, it will complete the integration and carry out final tests, supported by Thales Alenia Space engineers on-site.

Orion spacecraft was designed to take astronauts back to the Moon, as part of NASA's Artemis Program. The overall European Service Module has been developed on behalf of ESA, providing the structure, propulsion, power, thermal control, and primary life support. Specifically, ESM4 as part of the Artemis IV mission, will drive the International Habitat I-HAB to the Lunar Gateway, docking with the Habitation and Logistic Outpost HALO, to further enhance human living capabilities in the Lunar orbit.


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