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Thales Alenia Space to provide Communication Transponder for Turkey’s first lunar mission

Thales Alenia Space (joint venture between Thales, 67%, and Leonardo, 33%) has signed a contract with TÜBİTAK Space Technologies Research Institute (TÜBİTAK UZAY) to provide a Communication Transponder for AYAP-1, Turkey’s first lunar mission.

The Lunar Research Program (AYAP) is an integral part of the National Space Program led by the Turkish Space Agency, with TÜBİTAK UZAY in charge of the design, development, integration, test, launch and operations of the AYAP-1 spacecraft. With this project, Turkey aims to successfully carry out its first lunar mission and become one of the few countries that can conduct activities on the Moon with its own capabilities.

Thales Alenia Space will provide an S-Band TT&C (Tracking, Telemetry and Command) Transponder for the AYAP-1 spacecraft, a key unit to establish a communication link between the spacecraft and the ground station. The TT&C transponder is in charge of receiving the commands sent by the ground station to control the spacecraft, and sending back the telemetry with the vital information on the status of the spacecraft. The TT&C link is also instrumental to monitor the position of the spacecraft by measuring the distance to the ground station.

Stéphane Terranova, CEO of Thales Alenia Space in Spain said: “At Thales Alenia Space we are honoured by the confidence of TÜBİTAK UZAY to provide the Communication Transponder for AYAP-1 spacecraft, a key element for the success of Turkey’s first mission to the Moon. We’re excited to contribute in the renewed ambition of humanity to explore the Earth’s natural satellite.”

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