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The fourth Small Satellites & Services International Forum to be held in Malaga next February

The aerospace sector at an international level will meet again in Spain with the celebration of the international forum "Small Satellites & Services International Forum" (SSSIF), which will take place in Malaga from February 21 to 23. The meeting, which this year will celebrate its fourth edition, will serve to analyze the main technical characteristics of current small satellites, the challenges that technology has today, future needs, as well as other current issues, such as the role of women in space.

Presented under the slogan "High Capability Constellations", this year's SSSIF will bring together renowned professionals in the sector – manufacturers, technicians, scientists, suppliers, investors, developers and launchers – with exceptional interventions such as those of Andrés Martínez, Space Program Executive of NASA's Advanced Exploration Systems Division, and responsible for 4 of the 10 small satellites of the Artemis I mission, or top-level panelists such as Miguel Belló, High Commissioner for Aerospace PERTE and head of the start-up of the Spanish Space Agency.

For three days, experts will reflect and discuss the state of the sector, whose main market is North America. Among many other topics, communication, propulsion and power systems, on-board computers, processing capacity and the main payloads such as cameras or sensors currently available to develop missions based on small satellites will be addressed.

"The limits of technology are relevant in defense, scientific or exploration missions where systems operate at the limit of their capabilities. This year we consider asking ourselves what are the technological limitations today and what are the ways to solve the needs of increasingly complex systems with greater benefits" said Miguel A. Vazquez, Member of the SSSIF Organizing Committee.

The event will pay special attention to the role of science and space exploration missions of major government space agencies such as NASA, ESA and JAXA, among others. Likewise, programs carried out by private companies will be discussed, with the aim of improving the commercial exploitation of new services such as, access to space, the commercialization of images of the Earth, new high-capacity internet services and the Internet of Things. On the other hand, aspects of great interest to the sector will be discussed, such as the legal framework of Space, cybersecurity in the satellite field and the challenges of Defense, among other topics.

Among the main sponsors of the SSSIF, stand out the manufacturer Airbus, the Spanish technology group GMV Innovations Solutions, the reusable space rocket company PLD Space, the Spanish satellite manufacturer Open Cosmos, the Norwegian company KSAT Satellites Services or Invest in Andalusia.

The SSSIF forum combines two conference rooms with an exhibitor area where various international companies and institutions highly specialized in the space sector present their technological developments and technical capabilities.

The loyalty shown by visitors, sponsors and exhibitors, repeating their presence in each new edition, supports the solidity and relevance of the forum which, in addition to its high scientific and technological interest, offers great networking opportunities with the main stakeholders and professionals of the sector.


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