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The latest ViaLite product range showcased In Singapore

The latest ViaLite product range showcased In Singapore

Deploying the newest disruptive technological advances in the field, the latest commercially available optical signal transport solutions from the global experts at ViaLite Communications will be on display in Singapore on 29th -31st May at the renowned SatelliteAsia event.

The display features the first product from the ViaLiteAIR portfolio: infonX, which offers optical link solutions up to QV Band, and is easily configured to meet custom gain, low noise and superior linearity requirements. As standard.

Launched this year at Satellite Show in Washington D.C., the new ViaLiteAIR range will be on booth 5A1-7 alongside the industry-leading long distance link systems trusted by the top 8 teleport operators in the world. These systems carry signals virtually without loss from 1 metre to hundreds of miles, giving teleports unbeatable signal strength and reliability with no downtime or timing issues when switching between rain fade diversity sites. With the protection of an industry-leading 5 year warranty, multiplexing capabilities, hyperwide frequency ranges and durable outdoor enclosure options, why go anywhere but ViaLite?

As an analogue signal transport solution, RF over fiber offers enhanced data security, flexibility, reliability and durability. ViaLite’s product design process results in unbeatable performance trusted by 75% of the biggest teleport operators around the globe. This makes the ViaLite stand (5A1-7) an unmissable feature for all broadcast and satcom industry professionals and engineers.

Designed to meet an industry need, ViaLite’s unique link budget calculator allows engineers to accurately predict the output and required inputs for their planned RF over fiber system. This makes sure the system is viable for the specific application, will integrate successfully, and will cope with the requirements and complexities of today’s satcom world - all before a single part is ordered.

Asia’s largest Satellite Stage, SatelliteAsia24, will see thousands of attendees head to SingaporeExpo on 29th - 31st May. Get your ticket now from and discover RF over fiber from the experts on the ViaLite booth (5A1-7). Drop ViaLite an email at to book a meeting in advance!


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