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The stages for the inaugural Ariane 6 flight currently being assembled

The main stage and the upper stage for the inaugural Ariane 6 flight are currently in the central core final assembly line in the Launcher Assembly Building (BAL) at the ELA4 launch complex. The central core is made up of the main stage and the upper stage, assembled together with an inter-stage interface structure. Once assembled, the central core will then be transferred from the BAL to the launch pad.

On the launch pad, the central core will be raised to the vertical position and placed on the launch table. The two boosters will then be added, one on each side, to form an Ariane 62. Finally, the upper composite consisting of the fairing and the payloads will then be added to the launcher on the launch pad.

The main stage and the upper stage arrived in French Guiana on board the transport ship Canopée on February 21, traveling from ArianeGroup’s sites of Les Mureaux (France) and Bremen (Germany).

The Ariane 6 program is managed and funded by the European Space Agency (ESA). As industrial lead contractor and design authority for the launcher, ArianeGroup is responsible for its development and production with its industrial partners, as well as for its marketing through its Arianespace subsidiary. The French Space Agency, CNES, and its contractual partners are responsible for the construction of the Ariane 6-dedicated launch pad in Kourou, French Guiana. CNES in partnership with ArianeGroup also conducts the combined tests under the responsibility of ESA.

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