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THISS and ENENSYS partnership for a new maritime and mobile satellite IP communications hub system

ENENSYS Technologies, leading provider of media delivery solutions, is pleased to announce a new success for SatXpress in collaboration with THISS Technologies, a Singapore company, to provide a new compact and cost-effective professional satellite IP hub system running on COTS servers.

ENENSYS SatXpress board is a professional, reliable and broadcast-grade satellite modulator, fully compliant with DVB standards (up to DVB-S2X), with straightforward integration, offering high performance and advanced modulation solutions when installed in a COTS server platform.

THISS Technologies provides VSAT systems and integrated terminals, especially for miniaturised marine VSATs. This lowers the price of terminal hardware while supporting affordable broadband airtime; a core set of technologies that has already made modern Internet connectivity possible for thousands of vessels that previously could not afford any kind of IP communications access at all.

THISS Technologies‘ latest hub systems embed the SatXpress from ENENSYS Technologies on a COTS Server to provide a DVB-S2X forward link satellite transmission. This powers one of the most compact and advanced satellite hub systems for maritime VSAT on the market.

“Today, many services and systems are migrating to software running on COTS servers. However, most signal transmission subsystems still rely on dedicated hardware such as 1U rackmount modulators. SatXpress’ goal is to provide a satellite modulation subsystem in the form of a standard PCIe board that can be plugged directly into the server at the heart of the software system. This new satellite hub system designed by THISS Technologies is the perfect illustration, with the modulator directly inside the server, offering a compact and cost-effective solution” stated Christophe Trolet, Modem Market Manager at ENENSYS. “We are very pleased to have been selected and to be collaborating with THISS Technologies for this new Satellite Maritime communication system.”

Nicholas Cirillo, Managing Director of THISS stated that “Adopting the SatXpress modulator into our next generation hub platform has allowed us to complement existing software defined waveforms with the latest standards’-based forward link. The card provides clever modularity which has allowed us to integrate, test and deploy extremely quickly by utilising our existing higher-layer software functionality and network management systems. The architecture enables a cost-effective, redundant and modern hub solution by leveraging high-quality COTS hardware.”


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