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ThrustMe surpasses 200 orders and doubles propulsion system orders in just four months

ThrustMe has announced the surpassing of a remarkable 200 orders, doubling its order book within a mere four months. This milestone not only mirrors the exponential growth within the space industry and the dawn of the industrial space era but also underscores the importance of accessible mobility in a sustainable space environment.

The space industry is moving through a significant transformative phase, characterized by the rapid ascent of New Space actors. These innovative players are launching satellites with increasing frequency and as a consequence accumulating invaluable experience from their space operations, effectively bridging the divide with legacy space actors. As missions become more refined and mission capacities expand, the blend of legacy knowledge and new-space innovation is steering the industry towards an Industrial Space Era. To sustainably leverage their full potential from economic and environmental aspects, space actors new and old will require increasingly sophisticated in-orbit maneuver capabilities for their space-based entities.

A glimpse inside ThrustMe’s high-capacity production line

Established in 2017, ThrustMe has been at the forefront of this transformation, showcasing sustained excellence and leadership within the industry. The company's groundbreaking achievements include the NPT30-I2, the world-first demonstration of iodine electric space propulsion in 2020, followed by the subsequent industrialisation of its product portfolio.

ThrustMe’s track record of reliability coupled with outstanding quality has cemented its position as a pioneering manufacturer of the electric space propulsion technologies required for the industrial space era.

“Our factory is set to handle large-scale deliveries and we can accommodate the significant increase in orders we continue to receive. We have identified and are effectively and efficiently serving an underserved market, where clients are looking for top-quality propulsion solutions and expect consistent reliability in both product and delivery. At ThrustMe, we are proud to be fulfilling their expectations ”, says Ane Aanesland, CEO and co-founder of ThrustMe.

ThrustMe surpasses 200 orders and doubles propulsion system orders in just four months
A glimpse inside ThrustMe’s high-capacity production line

ThrustMe’s bestselling NPT30-I2 provides small satellites with autonomous maneuverability and is in high demand. With the 2023 production slots fully booked and orders for 2024 arriving at an unprecedented rate, ThrustMe is strategically scaling up its production capacity. The company is aiming for the remarkable milestone of one unit per day before the end of 2024. Through its continuous commitment to innovation, ThrustMe keeps offering sustainable and intelligently operated iodine-based solutions that effectively address the pressing challenges confronting the space sector.

“Since the beginning of our development we were aiming to provide the community with a high-end disruptive product adding significant value to the market, not “simply” a propulsion system. Six years later we are happy to see that this objective was truly fulfilled. Our bestseller product NPT30-I2 is a key element for many small satellites to reach autonomous maneuverability in space, highly demanded by the market today. Our next step is to extend this experience to much larger satellites,” says Dmytro Rafalskyi, CTO and co-founder of ThrustMe.

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