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Thuraya partners with Niflink to deliver telemedicine and eLearning to users across its network

Thuraya Telecommunications Company, the mobile satellite services subsidiary of the UAE’s flagship satellite solutions provider, Al Yah Satellite Communications Company PJSC, is partnering with Niflink to provide customisable telemedicine and eLearning solutions across its network, using Niflink’s advanced video compression technology.


The partnership opens up a range of new opportunities for institutional and organizational users such as health and education ministries, the military, first responders, and non-governmental organisations. Under the agreement, Niflink’s telemedicine solution will be optimized and certified to work across the Thuraya network in the regions it operates.


The solution is tailored to enable large-scale remote education and healthcare projects in remote and rural areas. This is made possible by embedded video compression technology, that ensures the efficient transmission of multimedia content through Thuraya’s satellite network, covering 80% of the world across Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia.


Sulaiman Al Ali, Thuraya CEO and Yahsat Chief Commercial Officer, said: “We are delighted to announce our partnership with Niflink. By combining the reach and scale of Thuraya’s satellite network with Niflink’s adaptable telemedicine and eLearning solution more people will be able to access essential health and education services.”


Cav. Bruno Iacone, CEO of Niflink, said: “The Niflink team is really excited about our Partnership with Thuraya, and we know that by combining our leading solutions with Thuraya’s network, we will make great strides in improving accessibility to much needed critical services in the Telemedicine and eLearning sectors.”


Niflink’s adaptability makes it a powerful tool across various use-case scenarios.


  • Video Conferencing: The underlying video compression technology enables the transmission of video from remote sites over Satellite networks. This creates efficiency for applications such as video conferencing and communications.

  • National Level eLearning Initiatives: Niflink eLearning solutions can be optimized to deliver lecture content to remote schools and villages over Yahsat’s Satellite networks with great efficiency and cost savings. The solution can be delivered as standalone portable hardware or integrated with the current classroom.

  • Remote Medical Services for remote and challenging environments – Enables remote communication between medical professionals and their patients. This means essential medical care can be provided on-site without the need for surgeons being at the physical location. Medical knowledge and expertise can safely be shared in high-risk situations where there is an imminent threat to life and a lack of resources.

  • Niflink telemedicine solutions can be customized to address different use cases such as emergency mobile medical cases, crew health services in Maritime environments, disaster response where first responders can deploy the solution when initial disruptions of communications are caused by The Niflink compression framework provides unparalleled quality over narrow links and does not require powerful hardware or intermediate infrastructure.

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