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Tototheo Maritime passes 1,000-ships in milestone for Inmarsat Fleet Xpress installations

Satellite communications and technologies specialist Tototheo Maritime has passed the 1,000-ship mark in Fleet Xpress terminal installations, in a significant milestone for its collaboration with Inmarsat that reinforces the appeal of high-speed maritime broadband services.

Tototheo has worked closely with Inmarsat Maritime, a Viasat business, for over 30 years and has played a key role supporting commercial shipping’s uptake of the Fleet Xpress service since its launch in 2016. The 1,000 terminal installations have included container and general cargo ships, tankers, bulk carriers and very large crude carriers.

Despina Panayiotou Theodosiou, Co-Chief Executive Officer, Tototheo Maritime, said: “This is a remarkable achievement for Tototheo and a further expression of the success we have had in working in partnership with Inmarsat for over three decades. Having activated more than 1,000 Fleet Xpress terminals, we look forward to many more years of helping the maritime industry harness the power of data and digitalisation using Fleet Xpress.”

Inmarsat’s Fleet Xpress is the only global network combining Global Xpress Ka-band technology with resilient L-band back-up built in as standard, offering 99.9% uptime SLA on secure high-bandwidth connectivity. Its ability to provide guaranteed global bandwidth has been central to powering the maritime data revolution, allowing shipping companies to operate more intelligently and efficiently while enhancing safety, cyber security and crew welfare and supporting regulatory compliance.

Damien Staples, Vice President Indirect Sales & Global Partnerships, Inmarsat Maritime, said: “As the demand for onboard data continues to surge, the reliability and global coverage of Fleet Xpress provides certainty for ship owners, managers and seafarers everywhere, with unrivalled flexibility, security, and capacity to support commercial shipping’s growing IT and crew welfare needs. Tototheo has been a strategic Inmarsat partner for over 30 years. As we mark this significant milestone, we are excited to extend our contract with Tototheo and once more would like to express our gratitude for their exceptional work championing the digital maritime revolution, powered by Inmarsat Fleet Xpress.”

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