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Transformative partnership between Kratos Defense & Rocket Support Solutions

Kratos Defense & Rocket Support Solutions are proud to announce the formation of Atreus Technologies, LLC, a Small Business Association Mentor Protégé Program joint venture. A visionary collaboration between these two companies, Atreus Technologies was created to rapidly and cost effectively deliver leading edge technology and innovation tailored specifically for our valued customers in the defense and aerospace sectors.

Atreus, the son of Kratos, was the inspiration for the name chosen for this strategic partnership that embodies the formidable strength, unwavering determination and forward-thinking innovation that both Kratos and ReLogic Researchare renowned for within their respective fields. Atreus Technologies' core objective is to harness the combined strengths of both companies to provide groundbreaking solutions addressing the evolving needs of our Nation's Warfighters. Kratos utilizes proven, leading-edge technology, not unproven, bleeding edge technology, to rapidly develop and field relevant products, software and systems in support of National Security priorities. At Kratos, affordability is a technology, and Kratos’ leading technology approaches also reduce program and initiative cost, risk and schedule. This methodology will similarly be executed at Atreus.

Charles Farmer, Senior Vice President at Kratos, shared his enthusiasm, stating, “I am incredibly excited to embark on this mentor protégé joint venture with ReLogic Research. This collaboration represents a significant milestone in our journey, promising a future filled with innovation, mutual growth, and shared success. I am eager to see the remarkable outcomes of this partnership.”

"Our collaboration with Kratos in the creation of Atreus Technologies underscores our dedication to providing exceptional solutions,” stated Chandler Wicks, CEO of ReLogic Research. “I am excited for this partnership to deliver uniquely packaged, high-quality, timely, and customer focused solutions."

Atreus Technologies is committed to providing excellent support, pursuing innovative opportunities, including research and development projects, providing cutting edge technology and solutions, and contract offerings within the defense and aerospace sectors, all with the goal of enhancing our customers’ capabilities and missions.

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