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TriSept unveils new satellite security software solution set for space debut

TriSept Corporation, a leading provider of launch integration and mission management services, today announced it has developed an affordable Linux-based satellite software solution designed to provide hundreds of security controls aboard a broad range of commercial and government spacecraft.

The TriSept Secure Embedded Linux (TSEL) operating system (OS), capable of detecting, tracking and eliminating known and emerging vulnerabilities on conventional and small satellites, is undergoing a series of functional lab tests with Old Dominion University and suborbital trial runs aboard RocketStar’s next rocket set to lift off from Cape Canaveral later this year.

On track for commercial rollout by the end of the year, TSEL is scheduled to earn full flight heritage in the spring of 2022 as the secure operating system aboard a Lunasonde earth-scanning radar satellite scheduled for launch to low Earth orbit (LEO) on a Rocket Lab Electron launch vehicle.

TriSept’s TSEL OS was developed to meet rising demand across the satellite industry for a managed cybersecurity solution that secures an embedded device much like a terrestrial server is protected. TSEL offers a series of automated mechanisms and updates that deliver far more detailed audit data, near-real-time security analysis and patch updates along with “zero trust” verification layers that protect against hackers and provide an accurate account of what’s happening aboard the satellite at all times.

“TriSept is well positioned to close the security gap aboard an unprecedented number of small satellite missions bound for space. Our teams are integrally involved in conceptualizing, integrating and managing some of the most important government and commercial missions headed for orbit, and we are passionate about innovating new solutions to keep them safe and secure,” said Rob Spicer, TriSept Founder and CEO. “TSEL is designed to meet the increasing cybersecurity challenges and threats the satellite industry faces every day with an affordable, Linux-based solution that is easily tailored to meet specific mission requirements.”

“As Lunasonde launches our full satellite constellation to low Earth orbit, we are leveraging TriSept’s expertise for everything from launch integration to spacecraft security,” said Jeremiah Pate, Lunasonde Founder and CEO. “Lunasonde is testing our revolutionary ultra-low-frequency radar in space to explore deep below the earth’s surface, and we will have TriSept’s TSEL OS onboard to keep our demonstration satellite secure throughout the mission.”

A recent rash of ransomware attacks on critical infrastructure across the US and around the world have demonstrated just how vulnerable spacecraft can be, especially as the vast majority of small satellites launched into space are ill prepared to fend off mounting adversarial threats and attacks.

“TriSept’s satellite security solution addresses open software vulnerabilities and outdated components, ensures basic security features are enabled, prevents unauthorized modifications and access, and proactively provides dynamic security system updates aboard the satellite,” explained Steve Bjornaas, TriSept’s Director of Software Development. “The race is on to harden satellite infrastructure, and the industry appears more ready than ever to toughen its stance against rising cyber threats across space-based systems.”

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