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Turkish Airlines transformation proves Huawei Services dedication to customer success

To date, 253 of the world's top 500 enterprises, along with more than 700 global cities, have chosen Huawei as their digital transformation partner. Huawei has earned trust like this, not only because of its superior technology and solutions, but also because of its ultra-reliable services.

Turkish Airlines for example, named Europe's Best Airline for six consecutive years, was facing significant challenges in its pursuit of digital transformation, especially when it came to solution implementation. Lending a helping hand, Huawei was able to offer high-quality, expert customer support services — 24/7 — through its locally-based Technical Assistance Center (TAC). While delivery times for spare parts were slashed to just 4 hours, based on a specific Service Level Agreement (SLA), the onsite support provided to Turkish Airlines included a range of expert services, from replacement spare parts to troubleshooting equipment, technical training, and overall system health checks. "My team has been reporting good news to me about the project," commented Biral Ekşi, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Member of the Board at Turkish Airlines. "We really appreciate Huawei's hard work in the transformation and upgrade of our new airport. You have built a reassuring Turkish Airlines system."

It's not about Huawei: It's about you

"Providing simplicity to our customers and handling complexity ourselves," is something of a motto for Huawei and just another way of saying that the company is focused on the smooth operations of every single customer's daily services. Indeed, the company adopts a thoroughly customer-centric approach to safeguarding network communications, even in periods of crisis, ensuring stable network operations in more than 170 countries and regions.

After the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in 2011. After the 8.1 magnitude earthquake in Nepal in 2015. After the Java blackout in Indonesia in 2019. And after the Luzon earthquake in the Philippines in 2019. With people's lives in tatters, Huawei rushed in to help. That's because the company knows what networks mean to disaster relief efforts. And it also knows that it has a duty to keep stable communications online — always.

Indeed, over the last decade, Huawei Enterprise Service has supported more than 500 major events and has assisted with relief work after more than 50 natural disasters. It has now established a complete process and mechanism, ensuring a 100 percent service success rate in such scenarios. And on a daily basis, Huawei provides around-the-clock technical support for global enterprises, industry customers, and partners alike, through end-to-end processes, highly experienced experts, and intelligent tool platforms. In 2019, Huawei Enterprise Service received Rated Outstanding recognition from the Technology Service Industry Association (TSIA), welcome proof that Huawei is leading the industry in terms of technical support capabilities.

Through innovative technology and services, Huawei works with customers to ensure the stable operations of more than 1,500 networks in over 170 countries and regions. Huawei has used the latest ICT to support pandemic responses across the world. The company has coordinated with local governments, community agencies, international organizations, customers, and partners in order to deploy networks in 18,000 high-risk areas, as well as provide scientific and technical assistance in 90 countries, also helping 50 million students make the shift to learning online.


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