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Tyvak International SRL to participate in ESA media briefing for NASA’s Dart Mission

Tyvak International SRL, a leading European nano and microsatellite provider based in Torino, Italy, today announced its participation in ESA’s media briefing for NASA’s DART Mission. The briefing will take place on Thursday, September 15 at 14:00 CET.

Tyvak International’s Vice President of Programs and Program Manager for the Hera Milani satellite, Margherita Cardi, will be on the call and available for media questions.

Main presenters include:

  • Ian Carnelli, Hera mission manager (ESA)

  • Tom Statler, Program Scientist at Planetary Defense Coordination Office (NASA)

  • Nancy Chabot, DART Coordination Lead (Johns Hopkins APL)

  • Daniel Firre, Estrack service manager (ESA)

  • Simone Pirrotta, LICIACube project manager (ASI, Italian space agency)

Rounding out the panel are additional European experts Patrick Michel, Hera Principal Investigator CNRS (Cote d’Azur University, Cote d’Azur Observatory), Michael Kueppers, Hera project scientist (ESA), Heli Greus, and HERA mission Product Assurance & Safety Manager (ESA).


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