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U.S. Commerce Department keynotes grand opening of USA Aerospace & Defense Showcase

On Monday 1 March, the U.S. Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration marked the official opening of a new international trade venue serving the aerospace and defence industry.

Kallman Worldwide, a U.S. based global trade promotion company, created the USA Aerospace & Defense Showcase as a year-round content and media platform that allows companies to display informational materials highlighting products and services.

The companies participating in the Showcase each have a digital presence (booth) that is easily searchable by any keyword and includes a real time meeting booking system that enables visitors to request appointments with existing and potential U.S. business partners.

Diane Farrell, ITA’s Deputy Undersecretary for International Trade, welcomed industry professionals as well as other public and government oficials to the USA Aerospace & Defense Showcase. She delivered her remarks via the Showcase’s Forum, a digital arena. She spoke to a global audience of industry professionals that had registered to attend online.

“A central pillar of ITA’s mission is to support U.S. companies and promote their success in the global marketplace by helping them connect to foreign partners,” Farrell began. “The aerospace and defense industries are among the most globally integrated sectors, and the ability to connect with suppliers and customers in key markets is critical.”

“Like all industries, the U.S. aerospace sector was greatly affected by COVID-19,” she continued. The pandemic has hurt the way U.S. exporters do business, including the ability to travel and participate in trade shows. “That’s why virtual platforms like this one are so important,” she said.

Tom Kallman, President & CEO of Kallman Worldwide, echoed Farrell’s remarks. “As a strategic partner of the U.S. Department of Commerce, we have always worked with the ITA to fulfil its mission of helping U.S. companies connect with their global partners,” he said.

“We are trade show people, and at the nucleus of our success is one person connecting with another in a ‘let’s trade’ environment,” Kallman said. “We have been proud to have had a role in facilitating these connections all over the world, and we are excited to launch the USA Aerospace & Defense Showcase as a further evolution of this mission.”

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