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Ubotica advances space AI “App Store”

Ubotica Technologies is developing the infrastructure to extend the Mobile App Store ecosystem into Space and unlock Live Earth Intelligence. The new infrastructure will enable developers to easily deploy AI applications to satellites equipped with Ubotica's CogniSAT technology. Opening Space AI to developers will drive a surge in innovation like the transformative impact of the millions of applications built via the App Stores for mobile phones.

Live Earth Intelligence

Ubotica advances space AI “App Store”

Life is inherently dynamic. The world is constantly changing.

The ever-changing world contrasts sharply with today's static Earth Observation (EO) methods. Traditional EO is akin to a Polaroid from the past—a singular, fixed moment requiring Earth-based post-processing to reveal an image. While valuable, EO today is inadequate for real-time decision-making in urgent situations like changes in the environment, natural disasters or security threats.

Enter SPACE:AI, a game-changing approach that transforms EO into actionable, Live Earth Intelligence. Replacing static snapshots, SPACE:AI delivers a continuous live stream of actionable insights processed onboard through advanced Edge AI technology. SPACE:AI can take in a broad range of inputs including optical, hyperspectral, and radar observations to create real-time insights. Inter-satellite communications ensure real-time delivery of these insights directly to individuals and systems on Earth.

Ubotica advances space AI “App Store”

Our goal is to unlock innovation.

With SPACE:AI, developers can deploy a wide range of innovative applications and models on satellites featuring Ubotica's CogniSAT technology. The outcome is a wealth of proactive Live Earth Intelligence beneficial to humanity. This includes, for example, early detection of forest fires, monitoring methane emissions, identifying suspicious oil tanker activities in international waters, or alerting to potential dam breaches. With an open infrastructure and easy deployment, the innovation of the developer community can be unleashed to bring new applications that have not been conceived of.

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