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UKCloud to secure the UK’s sovereign digital future, powered by VMware’s latest technologies

UKCloud, the multi-cloud experts dedicated to digital transformation across the UK public sector, has announced that it is strengthening its collaboration with VMware, a leading provider of multi-cloud services.

By expanding its support for the next generation of VMware multi-cloud services, UKCloud cements its commitment to providing innovative, first-class sovereign cloud environments. The recent approval of the new investment in UKCloud under the National Security and Investments Act has paved the way for the expansion of its product portfolio, including significant enhancements to its platform and services.

The success of the UK’s digital future will be driven by the ability of organisations to leverage the latest technology and tooling across an increasingly diverse digital estate. Today, most organisations have adopted a multi-cloud strategy and use almost four cloud environments or suppliers to meet their digital needs. It is therefore vital that industry leaders like UKCloud continue to embrace the most advanced and robust multi-cloud technologies. Its close collaboration with VMware reflects UKCloud’s bold commitment to driving dynamic innovations in the nation’s digital capabilities.

UKCloud is embracing the newest evolutions from VMware in its core platform. These will support a service rooted in simplicity and ease of use, and will further benefit UKCloud’s core client base of market leaders, like GSA, who use the Sovereign cloud platform to provide software solutions for regulatory bodies. Utilising agnostic VMware multi-cloud and app modernisation solutions, UKCloud’s “VMware Anywhere” approach delivers a multi-classification, multi-cloud platform available in public cloud or on-premises through to the latest hybrid and edge deployment.

  • Leading edge VMware capability, increased performance, with intrinsic security across public and private cloud platforms; supporting a wide variety of workloads, including high performance computational and i/o intensive workloads, data encryption and immutable object storage

  • Developer Ready Cloud, with the introduction of VMware Tanzu customers can unify containers, Kubernetes and virtual machines to modernise traditional and cloud native applications, with consistent infrastructure and operations that can be deployed on premises, at the edge and across hybrid cloud

  • VMware App Launchpad delivers a catalogue of open-source developer ready applications with single click deployment to increase developer productivity

  • UKCloud DRaaS introduces a unified solution that allows for fast, efficient disaster recovery from on-premises to cloud as well as cloud to cloud. It is unified for all VMware vSphere clouds, supporting any vSphere site to our Cloud from within your vSphere client via a simple plugin

  • Revised packaging and pricing will be introduced for reserved instances over 1, 2 or 3 year terms

These innovations are underpinned by UKCloud’s sovereign and highly secure multi-classification cloud infrastructure, ideal for workloads which require heightened security and deployability.

UKCloud is an active member of the VMware Sovereign Cloud initiative, as it recognises the increasingly crucial requirement to maintain the UK’s core digital capability. As the geopolitical landscape becomes increasingly fraught and complex, data sovereignty and the role cloud services play in supporting it, are more crucial than ever. Developing expertise and sovereign cloud capability has critical national security implications.

Through the adoption of the latest VMware multi-cloud and app modernisation solutions, UKCloud will help ensure organisations can operate cloud in a consistent way from any location and use the latest innovative tooling to gain insight and value. Increasingly, organisations need the ability to migrate legacy systems using a familiar technology and also operate across a hybrid cloud environment, encompassing everything from edge, private and hosted, through to hyperscale environments. This is made possible through VMware Cross-Cloud services.

UKCloud will use all its expertise and guidance to support digital transformation and the flexible adoption of cloud services driven by the power of the latest VMware technologies.

Laurent Allard, Head of Sovereign Cloud EMEA, VMware commented: “By supporting VMware’s latest multi-cloud and app modernisation innovations and capabilities in its core platform, UKCloud customers are empowered to implement lasting digital improvements, manage digital sovereignty requirements, and make significant cost savings to public sector services. All whilst simultaneously balancing their strategic goals of protecting citizen data, increasing choice and fostering their own home-grown digital and data economies.”

Simon Hansford, CEO, UKCloud commented: “I am delighted to be deepening and strengthening our capability and services through expanding our relationship and partnership with VMware. Following the recent investment in UKCloud today’s announcement is the first of several we expect to make as we consolidate our position as the UK’s leading sovereign cloud infrastructure provider.”

Geoff Smith, Managing Director, GSA: “As a SaaS supplier to both the public and private sector, UKCloud have provided GSA with an assured, agile and value for money proven platform with their VMware Sovereign cloud. This provides choice and flexibility which is a prerequisite when you need to support your distinct capabilities, skills and tools, without compromise but also conforms to customers internal and regulatory requirements. Hence, providing GSA and our customers with the confidence that we are supported by a secure, yet easy and simple data sovereign cloud infrastructure, where the staff at GSA have great confidence in the skills and expertise of UKCloud.”


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