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US Space Force participates in Certification Milestone of Future Launch Capability

Updated: Jan 11

Space Systems Command (SSC) congratulates United Launch Alliance’s (ULA) launch team on its maiden flight of the company’s new Vulcan Centaur rocket.

“This is a groundbreaking day, culminating years of technical collaboration and partnership to field a new launch system for the United States. Congratulations to United Launch Alliance on a successful first Vulcan Centaur launch. A strong, competitive launch market, servicing both government and commercial customers, supports continued innovation and our assured access to space,” said Brig. Gen. Kristin L. Panzenhagen, SSC’s program executive officer for Assured Access To Space, and commander of the 45th Space Launch Delta.

“This launch marks a new space launch capability that will complete the Department of Defense’s transition from foreign engines and ensure the Joint Force’s ability to achieve space superiority when necessary while also maintaining the safety, security, stability, and long-term sustainability of the space domain,” said Panzenhagen.

In addition to Astrobotic’s Peregrine lunar lander, ULA’s Vulcan Centaur carried the Enterprise Flight, a Celestis Memorial Spaceflight mission into a stable solar orbit “on an endless journey through interplanetary space.”  

Space Systems Command is the US Space Force’s field command responsible for acquiring, developing, and delivering resilient capabilities to protect our nation’s strategic advantage in, from, and to space. SSC manages a $15 billion space acquisition budget for the Department of Defense and works in partnership with joint forces, industry, government agencies, academic and allied organizations to outpace emerging threats.

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