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USSI Global named ST Engineering iDirect’s North American Broadcast Gold Partner

USSI Global named ST Engineering iDirect’s North American Broadcast Gold Partner
USSI Global named ST Engineering iDirect’s North American Broadcast Gold Partner

USSI Global announced that it has achieved the ST Engineering iDirect 2024 North America Gold Partner Status for its broadcast division. USSI Global will manage sales, customer service and technical support for ST Engineering iDirect broadcast solutions in the United States and Canada, including the new MCX8000 multi-carrier satellite gateway. USSI Global will also support ST Engineering iDirect’s business operations, including service agreement renewals. 


USSI Global and ST Engineering iDirect have a long standing partnership on broadcast and satellite initiatives including the FCC’s C-band transition, now in the final stages of clearing spectrum for 5G mobile services. USSI Global installed ST Engineering iDirect modulators, redundancy switches and conversion equipment as part of their turnkey services for moving broadcasters to new C-band frequencies.


USSI Global’s experience and expertise with ST Engineering iDirect’s product line, combined with a large fleet of field support technicians, and strong relationships with North American broadcasters are among the key reasons for their partnership, made stronger through USSI Global’s growing managed services layer. Broadcasters that install ST Engineering iDirect hardware products will have access to USSI Global’s 24/7 monitoring and preventative maintenance services, including oversight of third-party systems in the ecosystem.


“Satellite remains an essential distribution and contribution platform for broadcasters, especially where terrestrial and broadband connectivity is limited or non-existent.  For those areas with connectivity challenges, satellite is the preferred broadcast distribution path.  Additionally, satellite is the ideal redundancy model due to its unmatched availability, uptime and reliability. Our MCX8000 satellite gateway supports these and other important requirements for broadcasters today, and USSI Global has a thorough understanding of how ST Engineering iDirect's solutions function in the broadcaster’s headend. As we move toward adding a service layer to our hardware model, including native IP over satellite distribution, USSI Global’s experience in managed services and broadband network infrastructure will help to extend our broadcast and satellite offerings to more customers at a higher service standard,” stated Darren Ludington, Regional Vice President Americas, ST Engineering iDirect.


USSI Global VP of Business Development Lincoln Biederbeck shares that the partnership is already paying dividends. “We have secured initial deals for new ST Engineering iDirect installations and have been working with existing clients to renew service level agreements,” he said. “The latter is especially important to developing a model with customers that will also lead to more managed services and future upgrades to ST Engineering iDirect’s forthcoming generation of solutions. We are thrilled to be partnering with ST Engineering iDirect and working to serve our common customers in exciting new ways ahead.”


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