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Vertom Bereederungs GmbH & Co.KG awards VSAT services contract to NSSLGlobal GmbH

NSSLGlobal has won a 36-month contract to support Dutch-owned, worldwide shipping expert Vertom Bereederungs as it strives to meet the need for ever higher data demands brought on by the maritime industry’s ongoing digitalisation alongside the need for crew retention. The agreement sees NSSLGlobal provide its renowned VSAT IP@SEA service to 28 Vertom ships including 13 new diesel-electric propelled vessels, as well as providing Vertom with a complete on-board IT equipment package. This includes an on-board managed Windows Enterprise Server solution operating user authentication, security updates and print and file server, all covered by NSSLGlobal’s, comprehensive Extended Warranty Plan.

As Vertom expands its fleet and focuses on developing high performance, sustainable options for shipping operations, NSSLGlobal will be supporting Vertom’s digitalisation vision by rolling out its latest SMART@SEA platform across the fleet. This will allow Vertom to benefit from the full range of NSSLGlobal IT, Cyber Security and Crew Entertainment suite of services. To gain additional operational resilience, Vertom will be using NSSLGlobal’s INSIGHT customer portal, allowing the HQ to monitor its fleet VSAT usage, applications and connectivity alongside additional functionality such as the ability to automatically upgrade and downgrade vessel packages as required to meet changing and urgent bandwidth demands.

Warner Warnders, Managing Director at Vertom Bereederungs GmbH & Co.KG comments, “NSSLGLobal has been a trusted partner for many years, becoming more than just a service or communications equipment provider. The engineers understand our specific needs and advise us on the best solutions, as well as keeping us updated on the very latest industry developments to ensure we can future-proof our investments and keep pace with user demands. The team also shares our focus on innovation and sustainability, working with us to enhance our service provision without impacting our environmental footprint.”

Henrik Christensen, CEO, Continental Europe, NSSLGlobal, adds, “NSSLGlobal is a customer-driven, maritime service provider with a focus on innovation and value for money which aligns perfectly with Vertom’s vision and ethos. In helping Vertom keep up with data demands and maintain resilience in its communications provision, we are also able to reduce the environmental footprint along the value chains in which we operate. We are doing this through the increased digitalisation of the solutions we provide such as SMART@SEA the powerful maritime solution that offers a virtualised on-board appliance for managing all aspects of their communications, cybersecurity, IT services and crew welfare services and INSIGHT our customer portal.”


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