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Vialite celebrates one year anniversary in Satcoms Innovation Group, innovating in RF over fiber

ViaLite Communications is celebrating its one year anniversary as a member of the Satcoms Innovation Group (SIG). SIG's mission is to promote innovation in the satellite communications industry and ViaLite, as a new member, has spent the last 12 months sharing their expertise in RF over fiber products with the other members in support of this.

RF over fiber is actively used by the Satcom industry; in telecommunications teleports through to space launch vehicle telemetry, and is often used for innovative applications and systems. ViaLite helped to share their knowledge in this area and contribute via SIG panel discussions, interviews and videos.

Notably, ViaLite was also shortlisted in the inaugural SIG Awards. The company came a close second for the Cooperation Award, for its work with Stanley Healthcare supplying and installing an urgent critical communications system for the Royal Liverpool Hospital’s COVID-19 ward.

Helen Weedon, SIG Managing Director, said: “We were delighted to welcome ViaLite to the group. The team offers extensive knowledge from the company’s 25+ years’ of experience in delivering links and systems for RF over fiber within satellite communications. We look forward to their continued input within our group in years to come.”

Richard Jacklin, Director of Sales at ViaLite, commented: “We have seen that the opportunities and challenges facing the satellite industry are changing. So, it is hugely beneficial to connect with other professionals within the industry. It means we have a chance to work on the same overall objectives and ensure that satcom remains competitive.”

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