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ViaLite releases Blue OEM 1U Chassis

ViaLite Communications has added a Blue OEM 1U chassis to its RF over fiber product range. The chassis has the capacity to hold up to eight ViaLite Blue OEM modules and is typically used for satellite and broadcast installations, as well as satellite news gathering (SNG) and outdoor broadcast truck operations at sporting events etc.

Blue OEM 1U Chassis

The product was designed to operate as a transmitter, receiver or both, as a means of supporting uplink and downlink operations. It is a 1U high chassis, supports high throughput operations and enables signal transmission across distances where it is not possible to use coaxial cables.

The chassis was designed with a removable rear tray, which allows the fiber modules to be hot-swapped, meaning modules can be removed and inserted without the need to shut down the system.

Amair Khan, Business Development Manager at ViaLite, said: “The Blue OEM chassis has been developed to give customers the same performance produced by fiber modules but in a rack chassis in a smaller size.

“Using an external 12 V power supply means powering the chassis can be done by 12 V laptop style power supplies with a 2.1 mm jack power connector; making these items easy to maintain.”

Typical applications include fixed satcom earth stations and teleports, Telemetry, Tracking and Command (TT&C), oil and gas platforms, timing and synchronization, marine antennas and broadcast facilities.


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