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ViaLite’s Mil-Aero Link meets demanding Satcom requirements in Japan

 ViaLite Mil-Aero Link; the different hardware formats
ViaLite Mil-Aero Link; the different hardware formats

The Mil-Aero 6 GHz Link Pair supplied to a new ViaLite customer in Japan meets the telecommunications manufacturer’s requirement for market leading C-band RF over fiber operation, as well as covering other popular Satcom bands from 10 MHz through to 6 GHz. The Tokyo-based company was particularly impressed with its stability over C-band frequencies.

The link’s features are specifically tailored for demanding Air Force, Navy and Army applications, such as Telemetry Tracking and Control Systems (TT&C), Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) deployments, Tethered Aerostat, UAV and Drone applications, and Multi-Service Electronic Warfare (EW) systems.

“Feedback from our users worldwide consistently shows our Mil-Aero Link Pair to be setting a new design standard of higher electrical performance and mechanical integrity, along with superior quality and reliability,” said John Meyers, ViaLite Sales Manager – Asia Pacific.

Japan; Mount Fuji and cherry blossom
Japan; Mount Fuji and cherry blossom

The link offers the best Spurious Free Dynamic Range (SFDR) performance in its class, making it ideal for high bandwidth applications or where the application has a wide range of RF signal powers. It can operate over distances as long as 50 km, and is further enhanced by a low noise figure (NF), optional gain and 1 dB compression points (CP).

Design options are available in standard gain, high gain/low noise figure and high output power configurations that are easily adjusted in-field for signal optimization. The link can be deployed in a rack card form factor (1U and 3U chassis), as well as in small stand-alone modules for indoor and outdoor applications.

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