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Viasat and Airbus deliver secure broadband SATCOM for Irish Defence Forces on C295 MSA aircraft

Viasat and Airbus deliver secure broadband SATCOM for Irish Defence Forces on C295 MSA aircraft

Viasat announced that it has integrated a secure, flexible broadband Ku- and Ka-band airborne technology onto the Airbus C295 MSA aircraft for the Irish Air Corps (IAC), a division of the Irish Defence Forces focused on the Military Air Defence of Ireland airspace and supporting United Nations peacekeeping operations. Viasat and Airbus collaborated to integrate Viasat’s flexible dual-band broadband terminal, the GAT-5530, on the C295 MSA aircraft to provide enhanced capability to this multi-purpose military airborne platform. Airbus completed delivery of two C295 MSA aircraft to the Irish Defence Forces earlier this year.

This integration of the Viasat GAT-5530 terminal will enable greater capability through secure, reliable satellite connectivity and enhance support for a range of command, control and communication (C3) mission needs – from tactical transport of troops and supplies to intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR). The GAT-5530 terminal supports the entire ITU Ku- and Ka-bands, which includes 3.5GHz of commercial and military Ka-band. This multi-faceted terminal offers greater operational flexibility for military customers as they seek increased resilience with multi-frequency (Ku/Mil-Ka/Commercial-Ka), multi-orbit (GEO, MEO, LEO, HEO), multi-network communications architectures.

“Viasat is thrilled to equip the C295 MSA aircraft with our advanced Ku- and Ka-band terminal to meet the specific needs of military customers," said Victor Farah, vice president, Government Systems. "By combining our expertise with Airbus, we aim to enhance the operational capability, flexibility, and reliability of aircraft communications systems for military users. Our focus is on delivering secure, resilient, and scalable broadband SATCOM connectivity that is crucial for modern mission success. We’re proud of this collaboration with Airbus and its potential to meet the ever-evolving demands of the military.”

The Airbus C295 MSA with the fully integrated dual-band terminal was showcased at the Paris Air Show prior to delivery to the Irish Defence Forces. In addition to supporting mission connectivity needs, Viasat’s broadband SATCOM service is designed to provide ample capacity to monitor and analyze in near real time aircraft health data for condition-based maintenance – minimizing operational downtime while extending the life of the airframe.

Viasat has also contracted with the IAC to provide a managed SATCOM service across multiple aircraft. This managed service will provide SATCOM services to the C295 MSA’s, as well as a small fleet of PC-12 special mission aircraft, and will include access to Viasat’s extensive Ku- and Ka-band networks for near-global service coverage.

Visit the Viasat website to learn more about available multi-channel SATCOM terminals for air, land and sea platforms and flexible managed services to support military connectivity needs.

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