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Viasat Energy expands Multi-Transponder Satellite Services Agreement with Es’hailSat

Es’hailSat is proud to announce that Viasat Energy Services has added multiple transponders on Es’hail-1 satellite located at the 25.5⁰ East hotspot and will avail itself of Teleport Services from Es’hailSat’s 50,000 sqm facility in Doha to provide VSAT services across Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

Viasat Energy Services delivers optimized industry solutions, advanced global software, and secure communications infrastructure that allow industrial companies to obtain the business value of digital transformation. From remote locations to diverse multi-stage operations, Viasat Energy Services is the partner of choice for connecting distributed assets. 

As one of the world’s leading digital service providers, Viasat Energy Services makes it easy for businesses to gain real-time insights from remote operations. With world-class industry-leading machine learning analytics, ultra-secure solutions spanning IP connectivity, bandwidth-optimized OTT and more, Viasat Energy Services supports the full evolution of digital enablement.  

Viasat Energy Services and Es’hailSat together are looking to cater to Government, Maritime and Oil & Gas segments, among others, that are in constant need for reliable high-speed connectivity in remote and challenging environments.

“Es’hailSat is excited to enhance and continue to deliver the satellite capacity as well as the teleport services needed for Viasat Energy Service’s VSAT Network in order to enable high speed connectivity across the Middle East and North Africa.” said Mr. Ali Ahmed Al-Kuwari, President and Chief Executive Officer, Es’hailSat. “We believe that the highly robust and reliable data services offered by us at Es’hailSat - Qatar Satellite Company, together with 50,000 sqm of Teleport infrastructure provide the strong base that Viasat Energy Services needs to further build their capabilities and serve end customers across the region.”

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