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Viasat welcomes Insign Solutions to ELEVATE program to deliver IoT-powered wildfire detection

Viasat announced it has welcomed Insign Solutions, a provider of bespoke Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled solutions and services, to its ELEVATE program.

ELEVATE is a growth program, ecosystem, and marketplace for providers of software, hardware and solutions, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in commercial land markets. As an ELEVATE partner, Insign Solutions will provide customers with an IoT-enabled monitoring solution to mitigate the environmental threats of wildfires.

As part of the program, Insign Solutions will benefit from Viasat’s global L-band network, the satellite network for IoT. The robust, global connectivity of Viasat’s L-band network will enable the Forest Capsule wildfire detection solution to deliver mission-critical environment monitoring to customers around the world, even in the remotest and most challenging locations.

The Florida-based provider of end-to-end IoT solutions has developed the proprietary Forest Capsule to transform wildfire detection. The innovative device uses advanced sensor technology to monitor environmental elements such as temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels to detect the earliest indicators of a potential wildfire. It also incorporates AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms to generate real-time alerts, providing an accurate GPS location and risk level assessment of the detected threat via pre-set alarm options such as SMS and email.

With a compact rugged design for enhanced durability, the Forest Capsule operates autonomously and has a 10-year battery life, making it the ideal remote environment monitoring solution. All operations are managed via an intuitive dashboard, significantly reducing the need for on-site inspections. Leveraging Viasat’s IsatData Pro (IDP) service, the Forest Capsule also features integrated long-range gateways to ensure secure and always-on connectivity to power its monitoring capabilities.

The Forest Capsule solution gives customers in various sectors, particularly agriculture, energy, and utilities, peace of mind with the alerts and information critical to mitigating potentially devastating events. It can be used for various scenarios, such as early wildfire detection with real-time emergency alerts, protecting critical infrastructure and assets vulnerable to wildfires, enabling safer disaster management in hazardous environments like forest fires; and providing fire alerts to safeguard agricultural operations.

The environmental data the device passively collects can also be shared with non-profit organisations, independent scientists, and universities, aiding research efforts to address climate change.

The new partnership will enable Insign Solutions to extend its solution offerings to a wider range of industries, including agriculture, utilities, and energy. As part of the program, Insign Solutions will gain access to Viasat's broader partner ecosystem as well as significant collaboration opportunities to develop further IoT solutions for its customers.

ELEVATE’s marketplace will help Viasat attract new customers in locations without reliable connectivity, or those that have mission-critical connectivity needs. For customers, it gives access to a broad choice of satellite-enabled IoT solutions developed by a range of providers that are designed to enhance the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of their businesses.

Simon Hawkins, VP, Enterprise Commercial & Innovation at Viasat, said "We are pleased to welcome Insign Solutions to the ELEVATE program — the go-to destination for satellite IoT innovation. With Insign Solutions, we will accelerate the development of IoT solutions to meet our clients' mission-critical requirements across diverse industries.

"We have a rich tradition of industry collaboration, and partnerships with forward-thinking companies like Insign Solutions gives them access to our development program and state-of-the-art satellite communication network to deliver ground-breaking solutions at speed."

Tarkan Cakir, CEO at Insign Solutions, added: “Our decision to join the ELEVATE community aligns perfectly with our ethos of harnessing technology to make the world a safer place. This is an opportunity for us to take the Forest Capsule solution to new heights, and to enhance wildfire detection capabilities across the globe. Viasat’s substantial connectivity will enable this vision to become a reality.”

“By leveraging Viasat’s capabilities, technical support and expertise, the innovative solutions we offer will be even more reliable. Joining the ELEVATE platform will also equip us to better navigate the fast-paced tech environment we operate in. We are excited to embark on what we foresee to be an opportunity for mutual growth.”

The ELEVATE program is open to new entrants, disruptors, and established brands of any size who have developed an innovative digital product or service but may need additional support to exploit the benefits of satellite-enabled IoT solutions. Viasat provides dedicated technical guidance on how to integrate and support its highly reliable satellite services, go-to-market strategy, planning, and exposure to its distribution channels to enable access to new markets.

Providers working across a diverse range of industries, including agriculture, aid, and NGOs, energy, exploration, and leisure, media, mining, transport, and utilities, as well as agnostic technology providers, will be considered for membership.

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