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VIDA demonstrates integration with Amagi and OpenAI GPT for FAST channel delivery at IBC 2023

VIDA demonstrates integration with Amagi and OpenAI GPT for FAST channel delivery at IBC 2023

VIDA Content OS will demonstrate streamlined FAST Channel support and advanced artificial intelligence integration at IBC 2023, Hall 5 booth D64. VIDA’s enhanced feature set helps content owners simplify the management and broaden the reach of their content libraries.

With more than 2,700 onboarded users and over seven petabytes of content securely stored in the cloud since its market debut over a year ago, VIDA is considered one of the most forward-thinking and foundational content operating systems in the industry. Content owners worldwide have embraced VIDA’s platform for its innovative efficiencies around the way content and library assets are stored, managed, shared and distributed, storing their 14+ million assets in VIDA’s ecosystem and adding more every day.

Purpose-built for simplifying centralized content management, VIDA combines an intuitive interface, superior cloud technology, and on-demand media services backed by the company’s extensive industry expertise.


The VIDA ecosystem continues to evolve, taking the stage at IBC with several enhancements in its content management and distribution features. AI-powered integration underpins these developments, enhancing the searchability of content, and adding new levels of automation to the media asset workflow. VIDA’s AI-enabled features deliver audio and visual analysis including text file conversions, language translation, facial/text/shot/technical cue detections and recognitions, and efficiently handle asset automation - at scale.

VIDA also incorporates OpenAI GPT, allowing users to easily create synopses and build summaries for assets to increase media discoverability, automate metadata generation, make content rapidly searchable, and the ability to disseminate content in many ways.


By incorporating enhanced FAST Channel support on its platform, VIDA enables independent and large content owners to better manage their extensive media libraries. Through its integration to Amagi’s cloud-based SaaS technology, VIDA simplifies the dynamic delivery of content to hundreds of distribution points. Amagi’s advanced technology - combined with VIDA’s AI toolset and open API architecture - provides the simplest way to deliver content, serving hundreds of partners and millions of viewers watching ad-supported streaming television channels.

“These new capabilities in VIDA enhance the FAST Channel delivery workflow by automating routine and repetitive processes that could take content producers and owners hours to complete. This ultimately lowers the cost of managing video, audio, and rich media assets for collaborative production and distribution environments,” comments Symon Roue, Managing Director, VIDA.

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