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Vyoma secures an additional 5 million Euros from EIF-backed spacefund

Vyoma secures an additional 5 million Euros from EIF-backed space fund
Vyoma founding team

Vyoma has successfully secured additional capital from a dedicated space fund

backed by the European Investment Fund (or EIF). The EIF is an International financial

institution owned by the European Investment Bank and the European Union, that supports

disruptive technologies through funds and private banks across different industries in the

European continent. The EIF joins forces with Atlantic Labs, which is an existing investor of

Vyoma based in Berlin, Germany, and manages the fund.

Vyoma is revolutionising the space industry by launching a space-based constellation for

monitoring objects (space debris and satellites) from low-Earth orbits to geostationary orbits.

The first generation of the constellation will be composed of optical sensors. Pivotal technology

for enhancing space domain awareness, these powerful sensors will provide 24/7 information

about space traffic and feed predictive analytics algorithms with ground-breaking data that

will map the evolution of assets in space at unprecedented accuracy. Importantly, anomalous

behaviour and ill-intent will also effectively be detected, and alerts issued to the respective

defence authorities.

With this information, Vyoma guarantees independent surveillance of space objects assets and

the safety of in-orbit assets, supporting Europe’s geostrategic autonomy and space

sovereignty. The first units of this space-based monitoring system are primed for launch in early


This additional capital will be used to advance its technical developments and hence the

commercialisation of space-based data from the first and second-generation of satellites. To

support these efforts, Vyoma will also strengthen its engineering team.

Commenting on the investment, Stefan Frey, co-founder and CEO of Vyoma says: “This

investment is a recognition by the European Institutions of the pressing need to address

hazards in orbit and guarantee safety of assets. With Vyoma’s space-based surveillance system, we can in effect not only monitor the majority of all space objects in low-Earth orbit

larger than 1 cm, but also detect ill-intent and malignant actions. This confluence of

technological solutions and geostrategic goals is what drives this investment. At the same time,

we are proud to count once again on Atlantic Labs for its continuous support.”

“The NewSpace industry has the potential to unlock technologies that can have a ripple effect

across a range of other sectors,” said Marjut Falkstedt, Chief Executive of the EIF, “I am

delighted that EIF support, with the backing of the InvestEU programme, will enable companies

like Vyoma to advance their work in cutting-edge fields like orbital monitoring. This is not only

important for ensuring the safety and security of space missions and satellite operations - it

will also play a role in enhancing Europe’s overall security and technological sovereignty.”


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