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World's largest container line, MSC Mediterranean Shipping, accelerates digitisation with Marlink

Marlink, the smart network company, is partnering with MSC, the world’s largest container shipping line, to support the shipping company’s ambitious digitalisation goals, using Marlink’s hybrid network solutions and advanced, secure IT management.

Marlink deploys a fully managed hybrid network solution, bundling its VSAT connectivity with L-band backup and global 4G connectivity on 127 vessels, providing MSC with seamless, secure connectivity to run its critical business and crew applications. This hybrid network solution is fully secured by Marlink's Cyber Detection Service which scans real-time outbound and inbound network traffic for targeted cyber threats and takes immediate countermeasures to remediate incidents. In this way the shipping giant can keep its remote vessels securely connected.

The next phase of MSC’s digitalisation strategy sees the roll-out of Marlink’s ITLink management solution across the fleet. MSC has moved decisively to increase the standardisation of its onboard IT systems and to meet 2021 IMO requirements, enabling fleet managers to monitor operating IT systems and software from shore. ITLink enables MSC fleet managers to remotely access their onboard IT networks for monitoring and troubleshooting in a secure environment and allows software updates and patches to be applied fleetwide – a major efficiency gain for container shipping’s leader.

Container shipping lines are among the most advanced maritime companies in adopting operational digital systems to support customer service. As a global leader, MSC is committed to meeting its customers’ needs with more efficient, sustainable and compliant shipping operations. As a long-time partner, Marlink answers these needs beyond pure connectivity by providing the highest security and standardised IT for remote support, access and monitoring by making the fleet IT blueprint the same on each vessel for increased efficiency.

“Marlink understands the critical requirements that drive container lines; operating a global service with high attention to asset availability, service reliability and security that demand a global approach,” says Nicolas Furgé, President, Digital, Marlink. “Our partnership with MSC will enable them to build a digital ecosystem that supports efficient vessel operations and compliance, powered by world-class connectivity.”


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