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World’s tiniest satellite ‘pocketqube Istanbul’ launched into space

Hello Space takes on the world’s most recent satellite technology standard ‘pocketqube,’ and readies to revolutionize IoT services with satellite technologies. Hello Space aims to set a pocketqube constellation in space and offer uninterrupted end-to-end IoT data services from space to businesses in agriculture, logistics, energy industries, and many more.

Istanbul, the first test pocketqube satellite of Hello Space, fitting inside a palm with dimensions of 5cm x 5cm x 5cm, was launched into space on the SpaceX Falcon-9 Transporter-8 mission. Established in May 2022, Hello Space has achieved unprecedented speed by completing software and hardware production followed by a space launch in under 13 months. Concurrent with the pocketqube satellite production process, the Hello Space Ground Station was built to serve as the management and control center for the pocketqube satellite constellation.

Muzaffer Duysal, Co-founder and CEO of Hello Space, said: "Typically, a satellite production and space launch takes around 2-2.5 years on average. Thanks to our in-depth know-how on this most recent pocketqube technologies and dedication to succeed, we have managed to reduce this time to an unprecedented one year. Imagine forming a constellation of cutting-edge tech satellites that will provide consistent, reliable data to large businesses in agriculture, transportation logistics, and energy from space. Hello Space will revolutionize IoT services, covering even the most remote locations in the world, where data tracking is currently challenging. We are very excited for the launch of Istanbul, as the first step of our big dream come true."

Expanding satellite coverage for the Internet of Things (IoT) Through its highly advanced narrowband data communication technology, Hello Space will provide continuous and reliable data services globally by providing coverage from space. Hello Space will be able to offer IoT services, even in remote areas with low population density and uncovered regions such as oceans and remote, significant agricultural lands. The services will provide location data from containers shipped in the ocean, humidity data from remote agricultural lands, and end-to-end temperature data in long-distance cold-chain food logistics. Consistent, accurate data from space will improve the efficiency of businesses via visa satellite technologies.

Team members' names sent to space

Hello Space team embedded the names of their colleagues inside pocketqube Istanbul through software they developed. The names of Hello Space team has also been sent into space, along with pocketqube Istanbul.

4 more satellites are on the way Following the launch of the first test pocketqube satellite Istanbul into space, Hello Space is now getting prepared for the deployment of 4 new test pocketqube satellites, planned to be launched in October ‘23.


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