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XipLink delivers optimized bonded services with GTD in Chile

XipLink is pleased to announce a successful collaboration with GTD in Chile to support the government project Conectividad para La Educación 2030 in that country. The solution utilizes XipLink’s XipOS version 6 software and XA appliance technology, allowing the intelligent aggregation of several VSAT Links into one single bandwidth pool for remote sites requiring higher capacity and always-on connectivity.

“GTD approached XipLink and explained their needs and our role in complementing the connectivity for schools that require higher bandwidth using satellite links”, said XipLink’s VP of LatAm Edson Meira. “Specifically, XipLink’s Link Balancing and Bonding capabilities combine several VSAT links into one single pipe, along with integrated SCPS TCP acceleration, increasing end customer “goodput” while providing higher uptime levels. We are pleased that XipLink has met these objectives and will continue to accept input from customers and partners on how XipLink will add further network performance values.” Meira stated further that “working closely with the many functional groups within GTD was necessary to bring this service. We have come to be treated as part of the team and appreciate the professionalism extended to us.”

"Our aim was to deliver a higher performance service at sites in remote located areas not currently covered by terrestrial links and provide a fast and reliable connection," mentioned said Juan Carlos Muñoz, Corporate Manager of Network Operation of Gtd.

XipLink’s XipOS software provides an excellent user experience while addressing several challenges in the satellite, cellular and wireless markets including offloading modems from high session counts, aiding performance for high latency connections with GEO satellites, providing more consistent cellular data services and utilizing available bandwidth at the highest possible capacity. XipOS software is also perfectly positioned to offer hybrid aggregation of GEO, NGEO, Cellular, Terrestrial Wireless and Wireline connections to further extend bandwidth capacities while providing session persistence for high uptime requirements.


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