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Xpresso Communications appointed by MainStreaming on the back of strong industry reputation

MainStreaming, a leading intelligent media delivery company that enables broadcasters, media and enterprise companies to provide live & VOD streaming through the use of a revolutionary, proprietary AI-powered technology, has appointed Xpresso Communications as its global Communications partner. Xpresso will provide strategic integrated marketing communications services - including content creation and digital distribution - to support the company‘s visibility and growth.

Mainstreaming office building

Central to MainStreaming’s offerings is the intelligent Media Deliver Platform (iMDP), which enables complete governance over the streaming path from the point of ingest to the final user. Thanks to its innovative solution, MainStreaming’s iMDP is able to consistently monitor streaming paths preventing network congestion in real-time by automatically re-routing content. The company’s award-winning AI-powered Smart Synapsis based on 4.200+ edge network interconnections worldwide, sits at the heart of the technology and takes real-time decisions based on a continuous flow of data, thus facilitating exceptional levels of QoS and QoE. Thanks to its Private Network delivery MainStreaming’s iMDP offers a strong Return on Investment and a more sustainable green approach to content ownerslooking to provide competitive live streaming and OTT services.

Alessandro Tucci, COO of MainStreaming stated: “We were looking for a multilingual company that could support our activities in different languages, as well as one that had strong roots in the industry and would quickly be able to grasp the unique nature of the technology that underpins our business. Xpresso’s reputation preceded them in relation to these elements, and we have been impressed with their ability to creatively engage with our content needs without unnecessary teething troubles or time-consuming learning curve’.

Fiorenza Mella, founder and CEO of Xpresso Communications, echoed Alessandro’s statement: “We are grateful to be chosen by a company such as MainStreaming, one that is operating at the cutting edge of streaming technology and is highly innovative in nature. Our multilingual and multi-skilled team is ready to support Mainstreaming’s international growth through the provision of an integrated marketing and communication strategy that will create visibility across a variety of different media and platforms”.

Xpresso Communications – an international marketing communications and PR company headquartered in Leiden, The Netherlands – was awarded the title of ‘Best International Content Creation Specialists’ in the Benelux region in 2020. This comes on the back of its success in the 2019 Benelux Business Awards, where it achieved the status of ‘Best International Full-Service Marketing Communications Company’ based in The Netherlands. These awards represent recognition of the excellence that Xpresso has achieved in the field of content creation as part of its mission to deliver integrated communications, PR and marketing strategies for technology-driven companies.

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