Bridging the digital divide – the broadband challenge in Canada’s Arctic 

QINIQ is an advanced satellite network, delivering broadband internet and mobile services to one of the most remote and challenging regions in the world. QINIQ serves all 25 communities in Nunavut, a territory in Canada’s eastern Arctic with a total population of approximately 36,000 across 2 million square kilometres. There are no roads into Nunavut communities and thus no terrestrial communications backbone infrastructure - all communication with the outside world is done via satellite. 

The impact of broadband internet has been life changing. Before QINIQ there was only limited access to low speed and expensive dial-up connections. QINIQ has opened a world of possibilities for the people of Nunavut. In order for the QINIQ network to provide greater capacity, quality, and speeds, and take the next critical step in meeting Government broadband targets, SSi needed an infrastructure partner that enabled extreme efficiency. Considering that satellite capacity is a high expense following a CapEx-heavy infrastructure investment, it is imperative that SSi be able to use all network bandwidth as efficiently as possible. 

SSi’s partner of choice is Comtech – a leading provider of innovative and optimized satellite communications solutions, and a master of efficiency. With Comtech, SSi is able to achieve faster speeds and sustain an improved user experience, while QINIQ has now doubled its capacity, and will augment it even further in the longer term.

In this RoundTable we explore how the project has exceeded expectations and is bridging the digital divide

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