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Lockheed Martin to sustain the 'Engine of the Air Operations Center'

Lockheed Martin to sustain the 'Engine of the Air Operations Center'

The joint battle management system used by all air wings of the United States military to plan and execute air operations will be sustained by Lockheed Martin. Under a contract worth approximately $38 million, Lockheed Martin will support the Theater Battle Management Core System (TBMCS) that coordinates virtually everything flown by the military, from fighters to helicopters to cruise missiles.

"Lockheed Martin has been privileged to be part of the TBMCS team for the past 20 years," said Dr. Rob Smith, vice president of C4ISR for Lockheed Martin. "In continued partnership with the Air Force, we will ensure that TBMCS remains the cornerstone system that forwards our joint capabilities.''

Deployed at more than 100 locations throughout the world, TBMCS integrates operations and intelligence systems for the Air Force and Navy with ground systems for Army and Marine Corps to enable distributed battle management. A typical Air Operations Center (AOC) contains approximately 80 systems, for which TBMCS acts as the "engine," giving the Joint community – Marine Corps, Navy, Army, Air Force – shared situational awareness for managing the air campaign.

Under this contract, Lockheed Martin will partner with the Air Force to provide sustainment support for the existing legacy TBMCS system. The team will also address any critical end of life issues (i.e., COTS operating systems and applications) as well as improve the overall Cyber security of the TBMCS enterprise.