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IABG to open Germany's advanced cyber range training facility, powered by the Cyberbit Range Pla

IABG to open Germany's advanced cyber range training facility, powered by the Cyberbit Range Platform

IABG and Cyberbit, the company protecting the world’s most sensitive networks, announced the planned opening of the country's advanced cybersecurity training facility in June of 2017. The center, located at IABG Ottobrunn in the Munich area, will be managed by IABG and powered by the Cyberbit Range, the world's most widely deployed cybersecurity training and simulation platform. The multi-year agreement between IABG and Cyberbit will help Germany in addressing the shortage in cybersecurity talent and developing a world-class cybersecurity workforce.

Recent nationally motivated cyber events, such as attacks on Ukraine's power infrastructure, the hacking of a German steel mill and interference with democratic election proceedings have heightened the urgency of strengthening Germany's cyber resilience and the need for a highly skilled workforce to secure the nation against sophisticated national and criminal cyber actors. In a recent survey by Intel Security over 80% of respondents in Germany said there is a shortage of cybersecurity professionals in their country. The IABG Cyber Range will use Cyberbit’s hyper-realistic simulation technology to accelerate the certification of cybersecurity professionals, and to improve the skills of cybersecurity teams by training them in a true-to-life simulated environment.

"The shortage in cybersecurity talent and the lack of effective training are proving to be the most pressing industry challenges and a threat to enterprise and national cyber resilience” was mentioned by Prof. Dr. Rudolf F. Schwarz, Managing Director of IABG Group. “IABG is proud to bring the most advanced training and simulation platform to Germany to address this gap and in helping to advance the country in the global cybersecurity area” added Prof. Schwarz.

“The demand for cybersecurity training is growing rapidly, driven by the increasing number of attacks and their sophistication” was mentioned by Cyberbit CEO, Adi Dar. “I am encouraged to see IABG join a growing group of service providers who are adopting the Cyberbit Range in opening cybersecurity training facilities to tackle this need” added Dar.

IABG follows several MSSPs around the world that have recently announced they will be using the Cyberbit Range platform to open cybersecurity training facilities in their regions, including The Baltimore Cyber Range in Maryland, USA, and Ni Security in Japan.

The multi-year agreement between IABG and Cyberbit provides a suite of additional Cyberbit solutions including:

  • SCADAShield – the only full-stack security solution for industrial control networks

  • EDR – advanced endpoint security based on machine learning, for detecting unknown threats and ransomware that bypass traditional AV, and hunting proactively.

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