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Modern batteries for modern defence


Ultralife Corporation will be exhibiting its batteries for defence and security equipment at this year’s DSEI show at the ExCeL, London. The event, which takes place from September 12–15, 2017, brings together experts in the defence and security sectors to showcase innovative products and discuss industry issues. Representatives from Ultralife’s battery manufacture and communications systems divisions, together with Accutronics Ltd, will be exhibiting from stand N4-196 in the joint zone.

Ultralife will be showcasing its range of batteries for military communications equipment, as well as for security systems such as security cameras in remote outposts. In particular, the company will be showcasing its selection of rechargeable wearable batteries suitable for soldier modernisation programmes.

Modernisation of the defence sector is set to be a key talking point of DSEI 2017, with many seminars on the event’s second day discussing the topic. Ultralife has developed the UBBL35 range of form-fitting batteries that provide an easily concealed and high energy density power supply for wearable communication devices, with the battery’s lightweight and rugged design making it ideal for the sector’s rough conditions.

Ultralife’s conformal battery is 5/8” thick to maintain wearer mobility and is designed for electromagnetic interference (EMI) compliance in accordance with MIL-STD-461E guidelines to ensure effective performance. The battery is also compliant with MIL-STD-810 standards.

“Most countries have been developing soldier modernisation programmes since the end of the Cold War but they have proven increasingly important in recent years,” explained Michele Windsor, global marketing manager for Ultralife. “Developments in portable military electronics have also meant that the demands on power supplies have changed significantly in the past few years. This creates a challenge for battery manufacturers, who must balance the laws of physics with smaller, lighter, yet more powerful batteries.

“By using a conformal battery pack that conforms to a soldier’s body, manufacturers can reduce the space that the battery takes up in the soldier’s kit. Ultralife’s conformal batteries deliver the required performance with all of the additional features typical of the company’s other smart batteries, including robust internal protection circuitry and an integrated state of charge indicator.”

Ultralife will also be exhibiting a selection of battery products for communications systems, such as its UB0032 lithium manganese dioxide battery. In addition to this, the company will be joined by Ultralife Communications Systems, who will showcase a selection of communications equipment for military and defence on the stand. The two brands provide visitors with the opportunity to obtain a turnkey communications solution.

The stand will also include batteries manufactured and provided by UK professional battery manufacturer Accutronics, which Ultralife acquired in 2016.

Ultralife has an extensive history of serving the worldwide defence market, which is reflected in the range of smart batteries and chargers designed for the rough operating conditions of military applications.

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