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New generation combat vehicle meets the demands of modern warfare

New generation combat vehicle meets the demands of modern warfare

Denel’s solution for the growing need for high-quality, yet affordable, combat vehicles – the RG41 – is on display at the Africa Aerospace and Defence Exhibition in Tshwane this week.

The RG41 is a new generation wheeled armoured combat vehicle and a cost-effective solution for clients who require a combination of high mobility, protection and fire power, says Mxolisi Makhatini, the CEO of Denel Vehicle Systems.

The first version of the RG 41 was unveiled in 2010 and has built up a solid reputation in different environments across the world. Since then Denel Vehicle Systems has developed a range of outstanding variants that are suitable for the demands of modern warfare.

“There is a great interest in the upgraded version of the RG 41 and we are showcasing it to the defence industry observers and military decision-makers that are attending AAD 2018,” says Makhatini.

The RG41 provides seating for 11 people, can reach a maximum speed of 100km/h and has a gradeability of 70%. The vehicle has hydro-pneumatic suspension which contributes to its high-mobility performance.

The combat vehicle can be fitted with a range of conventional or overhead turrets and weapon stations. It is fitted with the Modular Combat Turret SV manufactured by Denel Land Systems. This is a two-man turret with a stabilised dual feed 30mm x 173 cannon and a co-axially mounted 7.62mm machine gun.

The commander and gunner can see video images of the sights and fire control information on a battle panel inside the vehicle. The turret is mounted on a modular combat platform which supplies electrical power and conditioned air to the turret and protects the crew from biological and chemical threats.

The RG41 is renowned for its ability to fire on the move, track targets automatically and provide high levels of armoured protection to its crew. A key feature of the RG41 is its ITAR free design comprising mainly of commercial-off-the-shelf components. The modular mine-protected vehicle can be repaired in the vehicle and offers its crew excellent mobility, superior protection and good riding comfort.

Makhatini says the RG41 is an example of how the capabilities of Denel Vehicle Systems and Denel Land Systems have been combined to offer an affordable and highly-mobile armoured vehicle. This adds to the wide product range available within the Denel group and its ability to meet the needs of local and international clients.

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