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Elma recognized with three innovation awards for developments in military electronics technologies

Elma recognized with three innovation awards for developments in military electronics technologies

Elma Electronic Inc. has been awarded three Technology Innovation Awards for its recent advancements in military design solutions. Elma received an award in all three categories of the program, platinum, gold and silver, for different innovations. Submitted entries must demonstrate how an original product, design or subsystem was used and has solved a previously difficult or impossible design problem.

The program, run by Military & Aerospace Electronics media group, focuses on recognizing real-world enabling technologies for aerospace and defense applications, such as design innovations, products and systems, networking schemes and subsystems integration. Winning entries are selected using the recommendations of a panel of independent judges.

Platinum award The VPX Backplane Probe Card Test Fixture enables characterization of differential VPX backplane channels between any two points on any 3U or 6U VPX backplane. It was designed for use on backplanes intended to support high speed signaling protocols such as PCI Express 2.1, InfiniBand DDR, Serial Rapid IO 2.2, PCI Express 3.0, Ethernet 10GBASE-KR, InfiniBand QDR, or InfiniBand FDR.

Gold award The OpenVPX SOSA Development Platform is a complete test environment that supports OpenVPX embedded computing application development with the goal of meeting the convergence standards being set by tri-service branches under the SOSA (Sensor Open Systems Architecture) umbrella. At the heart of the system is Elma’s 3U, 12-slot backplane, with 12 payload and two power supply slots as well as high-speed RF and optical I/O connectivity. The platform includes OpenVPX-based processor and networking modules, support for IEEE 1588 precision timing, air- and conduction-cooled modules as well as dual high-wattage, pluggable VITA 62-compliant power supplies.

Silver award The VITA 46.11-based System Manager monitors the health of an OpenVPX chassis and its boards, reports anomalies and takes any necessary corrective action. It maintains an inventory of the components and sensors in the chassis and receives event reports and failure notices from boards as well as any intelligent field replaceable units in the chassis. It negotiates power needs before powering up and uses E-Keying to instruct the boards only to enable compatible links, reducing improper board insertions. Monitoring features include power management, cooling control, event sensor logging, electronic keying, and card hot-swap monitoring. A Web server interface provides a graphical representation of the chassis. Complete sensor information can be obtained with a mouse click on the image of the FRU to query.

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