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Mexican Navy relies on Thales for the launch of its new Ocean Patrol Vessel

Mexican Navy relies on Thales for the launch of its new Ocean Patrol Vessel

At the end of 2018, the first ship from the Mexican Navy’s new POLA (Patrullera Oceanica de Largo Alcance) class, ARM Reformador, was launched at the ASTIMAR-20 shipyard in Salina Cruz, Mexico. Thales joins with the Mexican Navy in celebrating this key milestone and is proud to support the Mexican Navy in its ambition to safeguard Mexican territorial waters.

The ARM Reformador, weighing 2,600 tonnes, is equipped with a full Thales mission suite that enables the crew to perform their surveillance and security missions. Under a Transfer of Technology agreement, Mexican Navy engineers participated in the engineering, integration and test activities of the mission suite.

Thales’s mission suite consists of the Tacticos Combat Management System, including 10 operator consoles and a large collaboration wall, the SMART-S Mk2 Air and Surface Surveillance Radar, the STIR 1.2 EO Mk2 Radar and EO Tracking system, the Gatekeeper Electro-optical Ship Security system, and the CAPTAS 2 Variable Depth Sonar.

The C-Guard Decoy launcher and RIGEL Radar-Electronic Support Measures and RadarElectronic Counter Measures systems have been integrated into Tacticos. Thales also delivers and integrates a full armament suite including RAM Surface to Air Missile launcher, Harpoon Surface to Surface missile launcher, 57 mm gun, Mk38 25 mm Machine Gun with dedicated console and delivers 12.7 mm machine guns.

This is the first naval contract for Thales in Mexico and the first export contract for Thales’s Gatekeeper.

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