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Terma and Scandinavian Avionics secure F-35 sustainment contract

Terma and Scandinavian Avionics secure F-35 sustainment contract

US Department of Defense F-35 Joint Program Office announced Avionics Test Center Denmark to be responsible for maintenance of avionics (16 components) for the F-35 fighter aircraft. During the period of 2021-2025 Avionics Test Center Denmark (ATCD) formed by Terma and Scandinavian Avionics in collaboration with the U.S. will be responsible for repair and maintenance globally of avionics components.. “We are very proud to be selected by the F-35 program to play an essential role in the global F-35 sustainment network. It is a great day for both Terma and for Danish industry since the perspectives for Denmark now being part of the F-35 operational setup in decades to come are huge,” said Mr. Lars Hedemann Hilligsøe, Senior Vice President, Terma Support and Services. From 2025 ATCD will be responsible for regional repair and maintenance of avionics components within Europe. ATCD’s sustainment work will take place in Denmark. Major General Henrik R. Lundstein, Director of the Fighter Aircraft Program in Danish Ministry of Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization (DALO) says: "It is very satisfying that the Danish Defence' close collaboration with the industrial consortium consisting of Scandinavian Avionics and Terma has resulted in Danish industry now being awarded the first major F-35 maintenance contract. This shows that the Danish defense industry is able to compete with the largest companies in the market on competitive terms, i.e. price, time, delivery security, and quality.” In April 2018, the Danish companies Terma and Scandinavian Avionics submitted a joint response, to a so-called Request for Information (RFI), on maintenance of F-35 components. For this purpose, the two companies established Avionics Test Center Denmark, which has now been selected to carry out the task.

The RFI that ATCD has won parts of is the second procurement of F-35 components repair to be published. The initial RFI (Tier 1) covers – together with the RFI for Tier 2 – approx. 60% of all the F-35 components published for repair. The remaining approx. 40% will be published among the F-35 Partnership countries later this year and in 2020. Danish Industrial Partnership

Within the framework of the Industrial Partnership, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program represented by the Danish Ministry of Defence has been supporting the answers from ATCD. The Industrial Partnership was established as part of Denmark's procurement of F-35 Joint Strike Fighters. The Partnership consists of The Confederation of Danish Industry, The Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, The Danish Ministry of Defence, and The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark with the purpose of strengthening the opportunity for Danish companies to win orders for production and repair of F-35 and to open doors to further high technology or defense related exports to the USA.

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