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5G-Satellite integration focus for London thought-leadership panels

5G-Satellite integration focus for London thought-leadership panels

The GVF-EMP Partnership has announced final details of the programme for Cellular Backhaul 2019: Satellite and the 5G Journey, an embedded feature of 5G World Summit, the biggest 5G-dedicated event in the world, and taking place on 13 June at London’s Docklands ExCeL Center.

The Cellular Backhaul 2019 programme will be dedicated to exploring the current interaction between the satellite and wireless industries, the current and future growth of data traffic from wireless mobile devices, and how that will impact both cellular and satellite networks as they increasingly converge and integrate.

With a series of roundtable-style formats across four themed panel-based sessions, Cellular Backhaul 2019 – which is supported by principal sponsor XipLink and also by Comtech EF Data, Hughes, Newtec, iDirect, SES Networks and Gilat Satellite Networks – offers ‘5G World’ attendees a series of thought-leadership explorations of the problems, risks, and opportunities that exponential data traffic growth offers to both satellite and wireless industries and to the business applications that will rely on future integrated communications networks.

A very full programme will feature panellists from ALCAN Systems; Astranis Space Technologies; CGI; Comtech EF Data; Eutelsat; Gilat Satellite Networks; Hughes; Inster; Integrasys; Intelsat; Isotropic Systems; Kratos; Newtec; SES; SES Networks; Spacebridge; TeleSat; VT iDirect; and, XipLink. Preceding the panel sessions, attendees will hear from Lluc Palerm-Serra, Senior Analyst, NSR, who will provide a brief Backdrop & Context overview of the 5G-satellite ecosystem market.

Full details of the four sessions and panellist population can be found Cellular Backhaul 2019 Programme.

Attendees at Cellular Backhaul 2019 will be able to leverage a just recently established and innovative post-event facility on the GVF website at The facility provides a Post-Event Summary page where event delegates – and those not able to attend in person – can read an encapsulation of event proceedings, outcomes, and conclusions, and it complements the Partnership’s long-standing practice of making available PDF versions of panellists’ introductory remarks-supporting slide decks on a free-of-charge basis. Additionally, GVF’s member organizations can sign-in to the GVF website and use this functionality as a platform to ask questions, engage with event attendees and continue the dialogue, post-event.

For all details regarding registration for Cellular Backhaul 2019, please go directly to Cellular Backhaul 2019 Registration. Paul Stahl at EMP (Century 21 Communications) – and Martin Jarrold at GVF – can be contacted for further information.

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