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ViaLite introduces new design your own RF over fiber system online

Design your Own RF over Fiber System Online

ViaLite customers can now design their own RF over fiber systems online. Developed for complex system designs where multiple DWDM products are required, ViaLite Communications’ new cloud based System Designer is the first of its kind for RF over fiber links. It simplifies the whole design process and allows customers to visualize and confirm performance characteristics prior to purchase and deployment.

The tool – which was designed and built in-house – uses a drag and drop approach, allowing users to select items from a pallet of components and build up their system design. Once completed, the customer can analyze their design using a built-in process which calculates the end-to-end system performance and records the results to file.

“This ground breaking tool demonstrates our commitment to customers and the vision of a vastly simplified design process; giving customers the power to manipulate and try different deployment setups before purchasing,” said ViaLite Product Manager, John Golding.

Designs can be published as a PDF document, which incorporates a link performance summary, parts list, rack usage and schematic output of the full end-to-end system.

Four license options are available, starting with a single day limited access trial. Standard and Premium licenses give progressively more access to features for more complex designs over periods of up to 12 months. Subscription costs are waived if the user purchases a certified design, created using the system.

As an extra level of reassurance, ViaLite offers an optional paid Design Architect service, enabling the user to have their system design fully assessed and checked by a ViaLite expert. On approval, a ViaLite certified design number is added to the design. The tool subscription costs are waived if the user then purchases a certified design.

The tool was first demonstrated at the Satellite Show, Washington DC in May, where it generated a lot of interest.

It will also be displayed on ViaLite’s stand 1V1-12 at CommunicAsia, Singapore this June. ViaLite welcomes interested parties to have a go using it themselves while at the show.

ViaLite’s new C-Band RF over fiber link products (rack chassis card and purple OEM module) will also be on display.

The C-Band Link, which also covers L and S-Band, has an impressive, full operational range of 500 MHz – 7.5 GHz.

For more information about ViaLite RF over fiber systems, visit

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