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ND SATCOM hosts factory event showcasing the latest in satellite communication technology and reveal

ND SATCOM hosts factory event showcasing the latest in satellite communication technology and reveals new brand identity

ND SATCOM pulled out all the stops Thursday, June 27, at its all-day factory event, educating and entertaining over a hundred of attendees from around the world on key facets of its technology and service portfolio through exhibits, tours, and live demos. The dedicated ND SATCOM team was on hand throughout the event to be of service to invitees representing diverse sectors from defence to broadcasting.

The Satcom-On-The-Move live demo – featuring broadband video transfer from a moving vehicle - was a definite highlight. Attendees were invited to company ZF AG’s test track to ride in a BMW X5 fitted with a satellite antenna on its roof to see the actual technology in action. In turn, guests at the event site saw the high-quality live stream.

The wow factor came at the same test track where VIP customers were invited to ride in a Porsche 911 GT3 R, a car used in actual races and sponsored by ND SATCOM.

Further highlights included a live deployable LTE demo representing ND SATCOM’s Smart Mobile Networks, diverse exhibits such as tactical communications and antenna systems, and targeted presentations of sector-relevant products and customizable solutions.

This event not only provided the platform to showcase the innovation, quality, and customer-focus that ND SATCOM represents, it also provided the ideal venue to unveil ND SATCOM’s new branding.

“The company had gone through many changes over the years – ownerships changed, the company becoming part of a big corporate universe - and along the way the definition of what the brand ND SATCOM stands for became diluted,” said Alexander Mueller-Gastell, CEO of ND SATCOM. “Our new brand identity and logo better reflects our market-leading position and clearly demonstrates our promise to our customers across the globe to deliver absolute reliability and trustworthiness through the entire life cycle.”

Designed to work effortlessly across digital and paper channels, the new logo evokes a feeling of inspiration. “It was important to go with the trends of today by shaping the logo in the modern style — including the symbol for agile, bi-directional communication flow around the world: transmitter - receiver via satellite”, said Arzu Evlek, Director of Marketing at ND SATCOM.

“While our name remains the same, our logo and design have changed significantly to better represent who ND SATCOM is and what we bring to market for our customers,” commented Alexander Mueller-Gastell, CEO of ND SATCOM. “Our new identity is innovative, modern, and reliable — words we would use to describe not only our image but also the solutions we provide to customers around the world.”

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