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SmartSky networks receives milestone 130th patent advancing next-gen connectivity and a better passe

SmartSky networks receives milestone 130th patent advancing next-gen connectivity and a better passenger experience

SmartSky Networks, the provider of next-generation inflight connectivity solutions for business and commercial aviation, today announced it has received its 130th patent supporting the development of its advanced air-to-ground (ATG) network.

Titled, “Architecture for Simultaneous Spectrum Usage by Air-to-Ground and Terrestrial Networks,” SmartSky’s latest patent is part of an exclusive rights portfolio at the core of its unique and innovative ATG technology. SmartSky has several patent families covering network architecture and spectrum usage in North America and beyond which enable an ATG network to operate in harmony with terrestrial users of identical frequencies in the same geography.

“SmartSky is focused on launching our U.S. ATG network and providing the best-connected experience in the sky, and our relentless pursuit of new and patented solutions is driving much of the technology leadership and innovation behind the SmartSky advantage,” said Ryan Stone, President of SmartSky Networks. “With 91 additional patents currently pending, our development pipeline will continue to deliver the high-performance network that passengers want and need aboard their business and commercial flights.”

With innovation built into its DNA, SmartSky continues to explore new ways to elevate the passenger experience with patented advancements that ultimately open up new possibilities for a better journey, better network and the ability to access and receive more data during flight. SmartSky’s network, which incorporates a mix of 4G LTE and 5G technologies, has been developed using patented innovations, such as advanced beam forming, low latency, and a bi-directional link with the capacity to quickly transfer large amounts of data to and from the aircraft.

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