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GVF & EMP (C21) partnership goes forward to another 15 years of collaboration with heightened co

GVF & EMP partnership goes forward to another 15 years of collaboration with heightened cooperation

‌The Partnership will continue to organise roundtable-style conference programmes aimed at stimulating frank and unharnessed exchanges of views, focusing on key developments and objectives as they affect the satellite and related-technology industries in this exciting and critical period.

Furthermore, the Partnership is committed to continuing its study of key growth areas including (but not limited to) the full spectrum of mobility-centred opportunity, encompassing 5G and IoT evolution, as well as consumer broadband delivery via-satellite. The strategy of linking with other key industry events will, wherever possible, be sustained. David Meltzer, Secretary General of GVF, commented “In addition new and highly topical programmes will be introduced into the Partnership portfolio. For example, ‘Satellite and the Cloud’, a new programme of broad interest to everyone in the communications ecosystem, which will take place in London during the week beginning 10th February 2020.”

The Partnership will be expanding its collaborative arrangements with key industry bodies. Paul Stahl, Executive Director of EMP (C21), noted “This is exemplified in the Partnership’s relationship with the Institute of Engineering and Technology. We have entered into an agreement with the IET to support each other’s events, broadening the collective subject base available to GVF members and other satellite-related industry professionals.”

In emphasis of this fresh approach to the Partnership relationship, EMP (Event Management Partners) will be re-branding as C21 (Century 21 Communications) and the Partnership will henceforth be known as the GVF / C21 Partnership.

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